Marinated octopus


Polpo Marinato

The octopus is a very tasty mollusk, well suited to many preparations.

Mare Nostrum always picks the best raw materials to bring an extraordinary product to your table. After being carefully selected, the octopus is then processed with extreme care and attention, following the traditional processing methods.

Thanks to our processing techniques , we are able to fully exalt all the organoleptic properties of the product. Beside its flavor, octopus is well known for its nutritional benefits and it is a low-calorie, dietetic food.

Its smell is delicate and the taste is extremely pleasant and slightly sour. Tasty and simple, light and fragrant, Mare Nostrum octopus will conquer even the most demanding palates thanks to its soft and compact consistency.


INGREDIENTS: Octopus (octopus vulgaris), salt, wine vinegar, sunflower seed oil, natural flavors.

SIZES: 200 gr / 1000 gr / 2000 gr.

STORAGE: Conservare in frigorifero a 0°/+4°.

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