Tuna Bottarga


Bottarga di Tonno

Mare Nostrum tuna bottarga is a unique product, able to give each dish an extremely rich flavor.

Its name dates back to the Arabbutarih, which means salted or smoked fish. Its manufacturing process is very ancient, perhaps even dating back to the Egyptian period. However, the Arabs were the ones who spread this specialty in the Mediterranean.

Mare Nostrum wants to remain as faithful as possible to the traditional manufacturing process, so that we can guarantee an excellent, top quality product.

Tuna bottarga is prepared by using salted and dried tuna eggs. It is a delicious, tasty, product, perfect to be enjoyed as an appetizer simply with toasted bread, or as the main ingredient of pasta dishes such as spaghetti with bottarga, or can be grated on soups or on tasty main courses.

Besides its excellent taste, tuna bottarga is rich in precious nutrients. It is, in fact, particularly rich in Omega 3.


INGREDIENTS: Tuna bottarga (thunnus albacares), sea salt

PREPARATION: The fish, stripped of the bag containing the eggs, is subsequently washed, salted, dried, pressed and seasoned.

STORAGE: The bottarga can also be kept for several months by wrapping it in aluminum foil in the warmer section of the refrigerator.

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