Smoked Marlin


Marlin Affumicato

Mare Nostrum smoked marlin is made exclusively of top quality fish.
Carefully cleaned, stripped of the skin and sectioned, it is traditionally processed following strict procedures that guarantee its quality.

It is salted exclusively by hand. For smoking, the finest wood is used to transfer the most delicate aromas. Mare Nostrum Marlin has a unique taste which is best enhanced by our particular smoking.
This product, available in different formats, can be enjoyed with some extra virgin olive oil and croutons or as a tasty dish accompanied by a mix of vegetables and jams.

The manufacturing process takes place in a traditional way, following the ancient Mediterranean tradition. Each phase is scrupulously followed to guarantee the highest quality standards.


INGREDIENTS: marlin (tetrapturus albidos makaira), salt, cane sugar.

STORAGE: Store in the refrigerator at 0 ° / + 4 °.

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